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More Evidence that Mobile is Where Your Marketing Campaign Should Focus

At the Social-Loco Conference in San Francisco this month, Google VP Marissa Mayer gave a keynote speech outlining the company’s vision for the social and local markets. You can read an article in Mashable about the event. The key phrase for me in that article was this: Mobile, and its relationship with location-based services, is […]


Are Telephone Directories Obsolete?

Cities propose outlawing telephone books It started in 2010 when the City of Seattle proposed charging telephone companies a per book fee, an annual licensing fee, and large fines for delivering unwanted phone books (specifically the yellow pages) to residents. Then in February of 2011, the City of San Francisco took up the mission. Under […]


Choice App Includes Rewards Program, the Best of Mobile

We’ve been working hard to develop the best mobile web app we can, and after a lot of hard work are so proud of our Choice App. This is a complete mobile web app with an included customer loyalty program. With the Choice App, you may choose from as many pages as you like. The […]


Online Video Can Boost Your Business

We’re delving into the world of online video here at Earnest Marketing, and I have to say it’s very exciting!  To be clear, we’re not out with camera crews and lighting setups (although we can recommend someone for that exact thing if you’re interested). There are two main products we have to offer: stock or […]


Paypal Says Mobile Commerce Taking from Brick and Mortar Stores

Conventional wisdom has been that e-commerce sales conducted via mobile telephone don’t affect brick and mortar businesses. Now a report from PayPal shows that wisdom may be wrong. Instead of money that would have been spent via e-commerce anyway, mobile sales appear to be taking away from sales that would otherwise have taken place inside […]