I have a client (bless his heart) that has managed to lose his website not once, but twice in the past few years.  Mainly it was an issue of forgetting to pay his hosting fees, but the result was: no more website.

See, if you miss that bill your entire website is deleted from the server.

If you don’t have a backup, then the site has to be rebuilt from scratch.  I am now quite familiar with the process.

That is why we offer our clients an automated backup system included with their website at no extra cost.

Most hosting companies offer a backup service, and you are of course welcome to pay for that.  Introductory prices are about $2.99/month.  Once you renew, the price likely goes to $5.99 or $6.99/month (it’s not a heavily advertised item).

Our solution is a “set and forget” system which backs up your site to your Google Drive at the interval of your choice.  It will also delete older copies of the backup at your direction.  This avoids overusing that storage space.

One caveat though: you must within that time period check your site to make sure it is still running smoothly.  Having a backup of a corrupted site is not helpful.

Stay tuned for detailed directions on how to back up your site easily and securely.  That will be our next post.