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Frequently Asked Questions


What do you charge for website design?

A basic WordPress website starts at a flat rate of $1500.  Please contact us to discuss the details of your project and create a project proposal and bid.

How long to design/build a site?

Honestly, we can have it done in a matter of days.  Usually though, the process is much longer.  There is a series of conversations that have to take place to really create the product that serves you best.  Frequently, we need you to provide descriptions and any required images or videos in order to complete the site.  

Is there a formal contract?

We like to provide you with a formal agreement and statement of work that outlines the process.  That way, everyone knows what to expect.

Can I see what the site will look like first?

Yes!  We create your site as a custom mockup.  All editing and design work can happen there, and then when you approve we move it into production. 

Will this disrupt my existing site?

Using the mockup process, we are able to do all design and build work at a separate location.  Then when everyone is satisfied, we move it to your business url and hosting.  This makes disruptions as small and brief as possible.


How much does an app cost?

You can see our app prices and options here.  

Why are apps charged monthly/annually?

Because the app platform is an ongoing service hosted and maintained by us, the apps are a subscription-based product.

How quickly can my app be ready?

As with websites, this is a fluid process that depends on our access to descriptions, images, and videos you want to use.  We often can use information directly from your existing website, which speeds up the process.  We can have something live in a week or so, but you should expect 30 days for a finalized app.

Will I see the app before it's live?

Yes.  We will completely create your app and invite you to look it over and make any necessary changes before we put it into production.  Just as with our websites, you will be provided with a formal agreement and statement of work so you will know what to expect during the process.

Will my app be on the app store?

No.  We make Progressive Web Apps, which are far more user-friendly and affordable.  As such, they are not featured on the iTunes or Android Play stores.  This means you can promote your app independently and don’t have to compete with the millions of other apps in the stores! 

We will give you strategies to help build your app audience and make it a useful and beneficial tool.

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