Keeping up with WordPress (or using it for the first time) can be a daunting task. Take heart! We have a comprehensive library of videos that can help you use your WordPress site like a pro.

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How to use the dashboard, manage passwords, use the toolbar, and use the quick draft feature.


How to add a new post, trash and restore a post, and how to make post revisions.


How to add a new page, trash and restore a page, and the difference between pages and posts.

Visual Editor

How to use the visual editor, edit a page or post, definition of paragraph tags, headings, hyperlinks, lists, embedding content, playlists, and excerpts.

Working with Images

How to upload images, add media library images, add image from url, manage the image gallery, edit images, replace and delete images, and use featured images.

Media Library

Manage the media library, upload media, and image editor.


Working with themes, using the customizer, using widgets, creating menus.

Organizing Content

Using categories and tags.

Managing Comments

How to manage comments.

Users, Tools, and Settings

Set up and manage users, WordPress tools and settings, updates, installing themes and plugins.