About 4 years ago, I created a website for Dennis of O’Connor Auto Repair.  At the time I was using Thesis Framework, and I used a skin for the custom look.  In 2015, WordPress websites could be customized a bit using typical themes.  Thesis was quite revolutionary, with dozens of menus and control panels that allowed additional customization.

The skin I used had additional customization possibilities in the form of “boxes”.  Essentially, each box was a set of checklists and controls.  You could add or subtract details on the back end of the site, then click save and go to the front end to see your results.

Here is what O’Connor Auto Repair has looked like for the past 4 years.

Not horrible, especially by 2015 standards.  Today though, it’s quite dated and well…boring.

Enter the update!

WordPress underwent a sea change last year when it introduced the Gutenberg Editor.  Instead of typing into a text box with some controls, now you work in blocks.  The Divi Theme has gone even further, creating a front-end editor that is truly amazing.  Now I can control every. single. element on the page.  I can choose to change the tiniest detail, and with Divi’s templates to start with, the sites I can build are so much more.

Here is the new version of O’Connor Auto Repair.

The level of creativity now afforded by WordPress is often breathtaking, and has made site design and construction even more fun!