We’re delving into the world of online video here at Earnest Marketing, and I have to say it’s very exciting!  To be clear, we’re not out with camera crews and lighting setups (although we can recommend someone for that exact thing if you’re interested).

There are two main products we have to offer: stock or custom video.  Our library of stock videos is already large and covers a variety of industries.  You can get either a more traditional video format, or something made in the new whiteboard style that is so popular.

In the custom area, we can create a unique video for your business, either in the whiteboard style or traditional.  The video will include a custom script and professional voice-over with either a male or female voice.  In either style we can include footage or images of your business and employees at work.  If you want sketch drawings done, we can have a professional artist do that rendering (additional charges may apply).

Many people ask us what they should do with their videos once created.  There are several ways video can boost your business.  Embed it on your website to help visitors get to know your business and services better.  If you don’t already  have a YouTube channel, get one going as younger people are more likely to search for businesses on YouTube.  You can create a landing page with a video to inform customers of a particular service and encourage them to contact you directly.  Videos are easily shared on Facebook and Google+, and you can create an ad campaign around them on either platform.

Contact us today to get your custom video made, and start marketing your business more effectively online.