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This site was built for a community Vacation Bible School program and serves the purpose of informing everyone what the yearly program will be as well as hosting the registration forms for volunteers and attendees. We love the colors and the fun vibe!

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RealtorApp.biz is one of our own sites, built to showcase what we can do with a progressive web app for realtors. We are quite fond of the look! Built on WordPress using the (now retired) Upfront theme, it's a nice clean interface that is easy on the eyes.

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Progressive Web Apps

Castle In The Country B & B

Prairieside Luxury Inn & Suites

Moon Shine Products


Grand Rapids Business Exchange

Andrea Zoet - Realtor

Earnest Apps

Fred's Italian Restaurant

Hand 2 Hand Ministries

Roger Hull & Sons

KMI Insurance Agency

Prince Insurance Agency

West MI Clubhouse

CYA Support

Mastermind 2 Success

Ionia Innovators

Global Cloud Consulting

Bluepond Marketing

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