Here at Earnest Enterprises, we create web apps for businesses and individuals. What is a web app? Well, it’s an app just like the ones you see in the iTunes or Google Play store (called native apps), with a big difference or two.

A web app is hosted on a server, similar to a website. Instead of your phone having to download (and then endlessly update) the software, it resides on the server. When you click on the app icon, it’s loaded from the web. This means no downloads, no updates, and no hassle for users! A web app honors users’ privacy as well. You won’t find it accessing the phone logs or hardware or user data.

A web app runs on the phone and looks just like a native app, at a much lower cost for the business. Also, it’s SO much easier to update. You don’t have to hire a programmer to write custom code to make the changes (and then have users download and install that update). You just log in and make the changes! Or, email us and we’ll do it. We love to help.

You can learn more about our apps at our sister site: Earnest Apps.