The kind of website you’ll find us creating most often is a WordPress site. Originally created to be both a blog and a content management system, WordPress is now an extremely powerful platform for building business sites. It’s quite likely you’ve seen hundreds of WordPress sites and not even realized there was a blog component. WordPress is eminently customizable, and as an added bonus, it’s a platform the search engines love.

With WordPress you can continually add content in the form of portfolio or gallery items, blog posts, or more formal articles and pages. Every time you add content you attract the search engines. They interpret the additional content positively and you can rank higher in the search engine results. Most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts will recommend a WordPress site.

Another advantage is the ease of use after creation. Anyone can learn to add content to their own site without having to pay a programmer to code something. And, if you decide you want a new look it’s as simple as installing a new theme and making sure your content agrees with it. You can keep all of your work and continue to build on it.

Another advantage of WordPress is the cost. We can build them quite inexpensively! The software itself is free and open-source (that means that anyone can customize it without violating a license somewhere). So your cost for the site is simply our work to build it with elements you want and customize with your colors and look.

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